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Starts on December 14, 2020


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To Complete this Visionary Program you'll need a minimum of 45 minutes per day to complete the assignments 

but this process has the same goal of introspective self-reflection as if you are attending any retreat,

we recommended to invest up to 90 minutes of focused intention daily for best results. 



The Power of a Seed Virtual Retreat

will help you map out your sacred vision

and plant the seeds for a harmonic holistic life.

  • Learn and practice powerful indigenous teachings

    to help you achieve harmony for your path and assist you in the creation of the HeartMap that will take you to where you want to be.

  • Gain confidence in yourself and your gifts

    turning them into a creative force for your life.

  • Take the actions that are right for you at this moment

    Map out your own unique journey designing your personal pathway to success.

  • Join our VisionaryTRIBE 

    Meet with other like-minded open heart people around the world. Open to co-create a harmonious future for all.

  • Acknowledge the gifts that are already in your life

    and be clear about what you want to manifest which means you can realize your unique potential and achieve your goals fast!

  • Learn to track your progress and practice the art of manifesting with the moon cycles

    Remember how to find and maintain that balance we all want in our lives.

  • Get the specific steps and spiritual tools

    to inspire you become the best human that you can be.

Visions are meant to be manifested, otherwise they remain just as dreams.

-Soniko Waira​-

  • ​If you are striving to connect with an inspiring vision that empowers you in a new direction.
  • If you are starting a new chapter in your life then you are at the right place at the right time

What Does Having A Map To Guide You On Your Journey Means To You...?

For everyone it's different... 

For some of you, you're Awakening Spiritually and maybe you have experienced the powerful insights that come after a medicine plant ceremony; you need to integrate your process and you want to know where to go from there.

For others, you're looking for that spiritual vision that will help you to have more impact on the world!

And for others of you, you are visionary artists and conscious entrepreneurs in service to Pachamama and our human family... but you're stuck, and you want to transform the way you do things.


  • To connect with your Heart’s Vision.

  • To create your first “Heart Map”. 

  • To enjoy your journey of self-discovery always. Here-Now

The main goal of this 'Virtual Retreat’ is to plant seeds of consciousness and spiritual awakening, teaching the participants to activate the power of the 4 elements within themselves and to craft a HeartMap of your sacred visionary experience.


* Think about how things -- babies, visions, ideas, projects, plans -- do not simply pop into existence. There is a gestation period when the seed is hidden in a safe place, where it has time to receive the vital nutrients it needs to grow. This gestation period also gives the parent or inventor time to prepare themselves for the birth. If there is a seed or idea growing within you, what nutrients will nourish its growth? What do you need to do for yourself in preparation for giving birth to whatever is gestating within you?


This is an interactive virtual retreat filled with fun and very insightful self-discovery exercises to guide the participants through the basic principles of crafting a HeartMap of their Sacred Vision to guide them on their life’s journey and get inspired to manifest it into the world.

This space was created with the intention to help YOU remember and rediscover your dream/vision, creating literally a "road-map" that will inspire and awaken the passion that lives within your heart.

The HEART MAP EXPERIENCE is a spiritual technology for self development, designed to assist us in our collective connection. Offered in alignment with this exact TIME and PLACE. It is based on ancient shamanic teachings and modern mind techniques that help us bring our visions to the conscious world.

“The HEART MAP EXPERIENCE is a very powerful manifestation tool and an artistic way of processing information.” It's a tool that connects Heart and mind:

What is a Mind Map? is a highly effective way of getting information in and out of the mind. It is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally "maps out" your ideas.

Shamanic Dreaming involves entering into the world of spirit from a waking and fully conscious state. Being able to be in two worlds at once. The dreaming heart is an expansive, creative force with limitless potential to explore the universe that exists inside the mind. Dreams for the shaman are a source of infinite wisdom and understanding.

This is what you'll learn in

"The Power of a Seed" Virtual Retreat

  • Make a Heart Map for your journey based on the teachings of the medicine wheel and the 8 pointed star

  • The principles of AYNI (the reciprocity law) and the Andean philosophy of Sumak Kawsay (the good living) 

  • The power of carrying a vision and setting an intention from your heart.

  • COSMOVISION: What it means and how to recognize your unique way of standing in the medicine wheel.

  • Basic teachings and concepts from the core of the indigenous consciousness: the powerful circle, the medicine wheel, teachings of number four and the eight pointed star.

  • The four areas of personal growth and human development and how to find your centre. Living HERE-NOW.

  • How to find your original birth imprint and how your stories are the key to change your life.

  • The indigenous consciousness: what it means to be an modern indigenous human of Pachamama and how to go beyond the form, focusing on the core essence of this vibration.

"At the center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit.

And that center is really everywhere.

It is within each of us."

-Black Elk


Your Mission,

(Should You Choose To Accept This QUEST…)

Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Tasks Given To You,

Every Day For 14 Days


✔ Yes, there will be some prep-work involved…

✔ Yes, there will be homework…


But every day, you’ll be taking steps towards Mapping out

and Manifesting your sacred vision HERE-NOW! 



My only question for you is…

“Are you ready to commit to yourself,

to this process and to embody your sacred purpose?”


By the time the challenge is over, you will have a HeartMap that will guide you on your path!

Not only will I help you figure out what a HeartMap is and how to use it,

but you’ll have it created and FINISHED by the Full Moon!



SEED Quest timeline

STRUCTURE: This Virtual Retreat will be facilitated as a 14 day process + Everyday you will receive a video with and assignment + 3 Group Coaching Calls on Days 1, 8 and 14.


WEEK ONE is designed to teach you the structure of this tool. 

We work with the logical and practical left side of our brain through dynamic teachings combined with exercises of self-reflection, guided visualizations and shamanic journeys.

The objective is to help you journey inwards and explore the stories that inspire your walk consciously

In WEEK TWO we will enter into the creative intuitive right side of our brain and co-create a sacred space to integrate your visions into your conscious awareness and into each one of the cells of your body helping you to see clearly your vision and craft your own HeartMap. .  It's creation time!

What are gifts of this magical experience?

  • The intentional creation of "sacred shamanic art that we will inspire you and remind you of your unique sacred journey". 
  • The priceless opportunity to MEET AND CONNECT with other like-minded people learning from indigenous wisdom & walking a conscious initiatic path.
  • DAY 1

    The Opener of the Cycle

    • Join the Power of a Seed group in our portal and introduce yourself. 
    • 6:30 pm PST Welcome to all members (Group meeting - 2hrs)
    • Setting  clear agreements
  • DAY 1 TO 7

    The Inner Journey 

    • D1- The principles of AYNI
    • D2- The power of a vision and Setting an INTENTION from the Heart
    • D5- The indigenous consciousness
    • D6- The power of Symbols
    • D7- Creating a map from your heart
  • DAY 8

    The day you were born

    • 6:30 pm PST -  Master Class (Group Meeting - 2hrs)
  • DAY 8 TO 14

    Creating a Map from your Heart

    • D8- Your Birth Imprint
    • D9- The centre of the Heart
    • D10- Fire my Spirit 
    • D11- Air my Breath
    • D12- Water my Blood
    • D13- Earth my Body
    • D14- Ritual and Celebration of your HeartMap
  • DAY 14

    Fire Ritual and Celebration

    • 6:30 pm PST -  Closing Ceremony (Group Meeting - 2hrs)


Hi, I am Soniko Waira

I am a Father, Artist, Musician and Visionary,

walking the sacred path of "the wise human".


I believe Indigenous Consciousness is the way to a life in harmony!


Since the beginning of time, the nature of a conscious human is to walk a path of direct connection with the Earth.

I call this path "The original teachings"

These are simple but powerful ways that teach us a healthy relationship with ourselves, with all living and also very importantly, with the spirit world. 


When you practice these sets of instructions you'll be able to gain a wider sense of understanding of your reality and thereby achieve higher levels of consciousness that will lead you to a conscious life of beauty.


I help conscious human beings improve the quality of their lives in holistic ways using powerful indigenous wisdom and modern mind techniques, so they can do the same for their communities and the world.


If you are striving to connect with a vision that gives you purpose, to gain confidence in your gifts and turn them into a creative force for your life. If you are ready to co-create a better future for yourself, your family and the world, then I can definitely help you.

Stories & Testimonials

from people that have experienced our HeartQuest

"...A Detailed, Visual And Sensory Map Of My Sacred Vision And A Lot Of Insight On My Life As A Whole!"

The power of a seed also unlocked a number of perspectives and ideas that have allowed me to dive into my sacred vision and understand why I do what I do. The deepest point that has changed my views drastically is approaching my practices and future asking “why” instead of “how”.

Sophie Dow, Toronto, ON


"Soniko's Heart Map Experience opened up inspiration and purpose in a time of great change for me". 

The process encourages one to commit to a path of higher intentions, Daily you saturate yourself with new knowledge, then delve inward through drawing and writing. This reveals a map of your gifts and intentions. It takes willingness to sit down each day and spend this sacred time with ones own heart.

I have found great benefit from committing to the 2 weeks. This is a opportunity to sync into natures rhythm, reveal your truth and open to the messages your heart so dearly wants you to hear.  Highly recommended!

Marie Whimbey, Saltpring Island, BC


"I highly recommend working with Soniko as he inspires the divinity within". 

Making a Heart Map for me was very powerful in the way that I was able to bring my vision into a tangible form. A fun and creative way to keep me on my path. I appreciate Soniko’s dedication to raising consciousness on Earth in a humble real way. 

Heather Disel, Slocan, BC

Mountain Guide/Entrepreneur

"A beautiful journey exploring and creating in connection with the cycle of the moon ~ truly inspiring to be guided with daily inspiration and practice, and to be connected with a group of like-hearted souls, much gratitude for this experience" -- Fiona Elizabeth, Nelson, BC



"I had my heart map experience in April.... Soniko is a kind, compassionate mentor who was hands on with any obstacles.... I loved that I made a commitment to this experience & gave it my all. I think its a wonderful way to put your actions & focus into your dreams. I've made 3 of my goals into reality & I'm proud of myself. Thankyou Soniko for your expertise & time. A well recommended journey.... Growing daily" -- Tracey Bevan, Whales, UK 


"You Helped Fuel The Fire In My Heart! It was a beautiful workshop. 

I'm walking away more centred, with a full heart and my ancestors whispering encouragements in my ear. I really appreciate your songs and the pace and style that you led us. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Lost of Love" -- Niko La, Argenta, BC



"I Found This Very Inspiring! I really liked: Most of all, your energy and your honesty! Although you were the one giving the presentation it felt that you saw the event more like a partnership than a teacher-student relationship. The way you explained that you were offering this as part of the gift economy. It obviously came from your heart". -- Matthew McAllister, Nelson, BC



Soniko's Heart map experience is a magical vehicle that takes you to where you want to go in life. highly recommended"  -- Wendy Chivers, Trail, BC



"The Power of a Seed training taps into both the left and right side of your mind, that is the intuitive and the logical, to discover your purpose and give you direction. It's a fun and enlightening journey of discovery that ultimately combines mind mapping and a vision board into one inspirational HeartMap. It's worth practicing this multiple times and can be used for intentions both big and small. Worth the weekly effort! " -- Dawn Ravenwind, Nelson, BC 



"Soniko’s work is beautiful and powerful. An alliance between ancient traditional knowledge from native cultures and a new consciousness centred on the community from the heart, unity and freedom. Talented musician and visionary artist, Soniko share his gifts with generosity, humility and presence from the heart. The Heart Map Experience is a beautiful invitation to humanity to be conscious and to learn how to manifest our most sacred visions. Shamanic journeys are simply powerful. I give thanks for what I received from these experiences. I’ve seen concrete changes in my life and empowerment. I wish you to meet Soniko’s medicine". -- AlexSandra BeauLieu, Montreal, QB



"Had an awesome experience this weekend guided by Soniko. I really appreciated the way he held space for me to have the experience I was seeking, very grateful for the opportunity". 

  -- Leah Schroeder, Castlegar, BC



" Soniko is a gifted visionary and has created a very powerful way to support dreams and visions from the heart to birth into reality! With his clear heart mapping expressing your deepest hearts longings, coinciding with the journey work tapping into the unconscious, he holds space as a gentle guide to help you awaken to your soul purpose for your earthwork!". -- Kiara Astara, Lemon Creek, BC



"Soniko brings a beautiful presence and Love to his work. We all have embodied our hearts calling to create the more beautiful world that we want to inhabit. Soniko is doing exactly this and I'm deeply grateful that he is a part of my community". -- David Max, Nelson, BC



"I entered into this saying I was not sure I needed or wanted any map for my heart or life, but so many beautiful thoughts and ideas were presented in a way that provoked new and important feelings and direction. I left wanting to explore these ideas feeling positive about going forward. As well as this I learnt some wonderful new teachings on broader topics all told from an informed, interesting and smiling perspective. Thank you for wanting to share your knowledge! "

-- Mary Pickering, London, UK 


"Soniko saying that if Spirit gives you a vision, you need to act, plus all the ceremony and initiation allowed me to take this step. Shaking in my boots, For all my relations." 

-- Margo, Nelson, BC


"Soniko, It's beautiful to witness and participate in the offering of your authentic being and creativity, and co-creating new a humanity. I look forward to seeing how all these heart vision manifest and weave a new reality" -- Heather Ives, Nelson, BC

Here's All That You'll Receive When You Join 

This Virtual Retreat Today!

  • Instant access to The Power of a Seed Members Area ($468 Value)

    • Get a video training with a simple assignment, daily. Learn and practice powerful indigenous teachings... you can achieve the creations of your HeartMap.
    • ​Step By Step instructions on how to create your own heart map. Take the actions that are right for you and your map at this moment... you get to journey your own unique, personal pathway to success.
    • ​3 LIVE Coaching group calls. Ask questions and also bring in your unique view point to the group.
    • ​In-depth self analysis evaluation. Acknowledge the gifts that are already in your life and be clear about what you want to manifest... you can realize your unique potential and achieve your goals fast.
    • ​Develop a coherent relationship between heart and mind. Meet and overcome any challenge life throws at you... you'll live an extraordinarily balanced life in all the areas that matter, including family, health, wealth, self-expression and spirituality.
  • HeartMap Digital KIT 

    • Workbook + Heart Map Mandala. Downloadable in PDF. 

      It contains the different assignments and exercises in the workshop and it includes a beautifully designed landscape. It holds the keys to create your first Heart Map fast. 

  • ​Connect With Your Sacred Vision Decoded

    • The Shamanic Dreams ~ Heart Map ebook is your solution to understand the spirit and energy contained within the dream. It's your manual to assist you to review the journey and the dream together, paying particular attention to spiritual meanings and create a plan (heart map), detailing how you will proceed.
  • ​Lunar Planner 

    • This beautifully designed lunar planner is your key to get in alignment with the natural cycles so you can get in the habit of working in harmony with the moon to plan and observe your progress; manifesting your sacred path.
  • BONUS: ​Accountability group in our VisionaryTRIBE so you don't quit until you see results + One Year Pathfinder Membership.  ($99 Value)

    • This intentional visionary community for artists and conscious entrepreneurs gives you access to a growing number of exclusive documentaries, interviews, trainings, presentations, meditations and medicine music recordings, PDFs, visionary art, and much, MUCH more!

      Get connected to a growing community of others like you, co-creating a better future for humanity!

  • BONUS: Abuela Kaarina's Journey of lifetimes audio course to complement your sacred journey with her profound Elder wisdom ($288 Value)

    • Recorded in 2012, This is an 8-part-audio shamanic training series of initiations, attunements, and integrative practices for intrepid voyageurs!   Guided by my dear elder and mentor, Spirit Grandma Kaariina Saarinem.

      We are all being called to The Great Work of our lives, personally,

      within our families, in all of our relations.

      This is a perfect alliance for participants releasing addictions, codependency, and patterns of self neglect, frustrated and yet knowing, there is more to life than this!

  • BONUS: TAKYSAMY ~ Music of the Earth MP3 Download to get you harmonized and focused while you work on your assignments ($36 Value)

    • A beautiful compilation of Andean medicine music for meditation by my dear elder and mentor Shairy Quimbo is a simple way to create a heartfelt atmosphere to get focused on crafting your map so you can open your heart, see into your future and be inspired by beautiful sounds.

  • BONUS: Cacao Medicine Preparation + Music as Prayer Virtual Singing Circle to nourish your body, heart, mind and spirit while you open up to this magical path of beauty and conscious community ($45 Value)

    • If you live in Nelson or anywhere in BC, Canada. You get a free ticket to come celebrate the accomplishment of completing your Heart Map in the next Cacao Concert we hold every full moon.

      Music As Prayer is a virtual singing circle inside our VisionaryTRIBE. In the 2 weeks after completing the challenge you'll learn 4 medicine songs for prayer circles. 

      This offering has the intention to help you access the right intentional mindset to empower your prayers, walking a path of beauty and purpose. Co-creating with your tribe a magical future for humanity.

    Total Value: $936


    Start your HeartQuest today 

    for only: $360 USD

    If you want to create your Heart Map and start your journey of conscious manifestation, then this is your first HeartQuest...

    You have 14 days to create your HeartMap, 

    starting on December 14th...

    Do YOU Accept?


    Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

    That's right. All you need to do is to email me with your receipt and the title "Not For Me"  before the next new moon and I’ll happily issue you a refund.



    By now, you're probably asking...

    Who are you and how can you make these claims?

    Here's why I can make these promises to you:

    I've spent almost 20 years learning from Andean & North American elders and wisdom keepers, practicing and living powerful teachings of indigenous consciousness every day. 


    I've been developing and applying my heart map technique since 2004 and it's been a valuable tool for my own process, to keep me focused on the vision that I'm manifesting in my life but also I've been sharing visionary process since 2012. 


    I've seen it work!


    I've been a space holder, led ceremonies, workshops, personal Heart-Quests and Pilgrimages in Canada and Ecuador for almost 10 years.


    I've seen significant changes in the vibration that my students have, right a way and most importantly...


    Ever since I became a father, I understood that the only thing that really matters for me now is to hold a healthy, creative safe space for myself and my family,  working consciously every day, manifesting a better world for my children and all my relations.  

    Leaving behind a legacy that is worth building.

    The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago. The next best time to do it is NOW!



    • Lifetime access to The Power of a Seed Members Area and Private Group ($360 Value)

    • Heart Map Digital Kit ($108 Value)

    • Shamanic Dreams e-Manual PDF 

    • Lunar Planner PDF

    • BONUS: VisionaryTRIBE ~ SEED Membership ($99 Value)

    • BONUS: Grandma Kaariina's Journey of Lifetimes audio course ($288 Value)

    • BONUS: TAKYSAMY ~ Music of the Earth ($36 Value)

    • BONUS: Musica Viva Virtual Singing Circle ($45 Value)

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